The Specjalistyczne Centrum Leczenia Dzieci i Młodzieży sp. z o.o. was founded in May 1999, and has been providing medical services as a Non-Public Health Care Institution since January 2000. The centre was created in line with the assumptions of the restructured national health service, and employs all the staff of the Specialist Clinics of the Wojewódzki Specjalistyczny Szpital Dziecięcy im. św. Ludwika. In March 2012, all of its clinics were transferred to new premises at ul. Wielicka 25.

Earlier, in 1965, the City Council of Krakow decided to provide the centre with the premises of the closed ‘Zieleniewski Plants Nursery and Junior School’, for use in treating children and adolescent patients of the clinics. Since then, the number of clinics within the Miejski Ośrodek Matki i Dziecka and Miejska Przychodna Higieny Szkolnej has gradually increased.

Following administrative reforms in 1975, the Wojewódzki Szpital Dziecięcy with Specialist Clinics and the Specjalistyczny Zespół Matki i Dziecka were then merged. The building at Al. Pokoju 2a is still occupied by the clinics belonging to the Przychodnie Medycyny Wieku Rozwojowego.

During the next round of reorganization, the Wojewódzki Specjalistyczny Szpital Dziecięcy im. św. Ludwika with Specialist Clinics was founded, at the Al. Pokoju 2a address.

From the very beginning in 1965, the clinics’ doctors have been accepting patients from the Kraków Province, and nowadays also care for children and adolescents from across the Małopolskie Province and others.

Neonatal Care Clinic